1. Head towards Gombak and get on the Karak highway leading to Genting Highland
2. From the Gombak toll, drive 40km to exit at 808 Bentong Barat.
3. 500m after the toll, turn left to Bentong/Raub
4. At the T junction, turn right
5. Drive straight for 4km and turn left after Shell gas station
6. Go straight at the traffic light, passing by Vegamall on your right
7. You will pass by Bentong bus station, and follow the road to get into Bentong town
8. Go straight until T junction and turn right at the 7-11
9. Turn left following Raub/Kota Bahru signboard
10. Go straight for 6.5km and turn left where you see Lee Rubber and signboard says Simpang to Bukit Fraser
11. Follow the road, you will pass by Tanah Aina Azareena on your left, just go straight
12. After 14.5km from Lee Rubber, you will see another Tanah Aina signboard and a small road on your left
13. Get into that road and follow signboard into the open parking area where a 4WD will be waiting for you

GPS coordinate: 3.7365620,101.8000330

Tanah Aina Farah Soraya – 8, Jalan Tras, 27600 Raub, Pahang, Malaysia


1. Head towards Gombak and get on the Karak highway leading to Genting Highland
2. Follow the road until you reach KM54.5
3. Go straight for 100m and turn left to make a U-turn and head back to Kuala Lumpur
4. Slow down before reaching KM54.5 and turn left when you see the gate and signboard of Tanah Aina Fareena


Address: 54.4KM Karak Hwy, Lentang, Pahang


GPS coordinates; 3.411555,101.892614


1. From KL enter Karak Highway till Plaza Tol Bentong RM3. Then keep left Exit 808.
Reach 1st T-junction turn right till 2nd T-junction turn left. About 1km reach traffic light go straight enter Bentong Town. Will pass by KFC on the left go straight till end, turn right n left again follow the sign board to Raub and pass by Mosque on right and padang on left.
2. Go straight about 31km, must pass by
– Lee Rubber on the right
– junction to Mempaga on the right
– junction Lurah Bilut on your right
– junction to frasers hill and  billboard Tanah Aina on left.
– BHp Petrol Station on the right
3. Go further till find IPD Raub on left and enter Raub Town. And keep to right follow the
direction to Kuala Lipis.
And must pass by
– Padang on right
– Majlis Daerah Raub building (grey color) on left
keep to left lane follow the singboard to Kuala Lipis. After 1km reach traffic light and go straight for 13km and must pass by :
– Tong Fatt Supermarket on the left
– Petronas Petrol Station on the right
– Sekolah Menengah Sains Tengku Abdullah on the right
– Kg. Gali
– Kg. Durian Sebatang
– Signboard : Simpang Ke Hulu Dong 1000m on the left
– Signboard : Simpang Ke Hulu Dong 500m on the left
After that keep to right and turn right : Pekan Dong.
4. From Pekan Dong go straight for 18km and must pass by
5.Dewan Kg.Pamah Rawas on the right (orange color)
– Two units of Bridge
– Signboard : Lata Jarum Rafflesia 2km on the left
– Signboard Lubuk Semak on the right, go further
– till find our signboard on left “Tanah Aina Fahad Journey of Love Back to Nature”.

Tanah Aina Fahad – Lot 1053, Mukim Ulu Dong, Raub, Pahang