Resort & Attraction


Indulge in the serenity of Tanah Aina, where nature weaves an enchanting backdrop for your honeymoon.

Group Events & Team Building

Tanah Aina hosts diverse group events led by certified facilitators, offering activities such as guided jungle trekking and cooking experiences.


Celebrate your special day amidst nature’s beauty. Creating unforgettable moments in a picturesque natural setting.

About Us

With much love, Tanah Aina was created to preserve the ONLY few unspoiled streams and rivers left in Malaysia with hope that the future generations will be able to experience and enjoy the pleasures nature has to offer.

Tanah Aina Resorts provides a memorable eco-tourism adventure in the Malaysian rainforests, blending authenticity with modern comforts across 10 unique locations. Each Tanah Aina Resort is dedicated to preserving nature, offering distinct experiences for memorable holidays and gastronomic delights.

Our Core Values

Providing excellent hospitality while adhering to nature-centric principles.

Focusing on the well-being of guests through nature-inspired activities and relaxation.


What Our Customers Say

Explore the testimonials of our cherished customers, sharing their delightful experiences and insights, offering valuable perspectives on their time with us. Connect with us today to secure your reservation and create lasting memories!

Absolutely great trip. We stayed at the bamboo chalet because everything else was fully booked. It’s right at the end but the advantage is you get to lounge by the river which is super close to our chalet. The toilet is just a few steps away behind the chalet. They ensure you are fed all the time too!


We had the best of times in Tanah Aina! We stayed at Meranti, a huge and comfortable room for the three of us. The resort is clean (the staff can be seen cleaning and organizing all the time), well-maintained. Five stars for the hospitality, congratulations to the team. Keep up the good work, stay safe and we hope to see you again!


I would like to thank the entire staff for
making our trip a very pleasant one. My family and me had a very nice time and enjoyed every moment of the stay. All the staff at the resort have been very helpful and welcoming. I will surely try to visit your other resorts when time permits.