Feel the enchantment of nature and yourself

Ulu Dong, Raub, Pahang

Located on the Sungai Dong River in Ulu Dong Tanah Aina, Fahad invites you to immerse yourself in a luxuries nature experience

Tanah Aina Fahad Resort is located not far downstream from the popular Lata Jarum waterfall on the Sungai Dong River in Ulu Dong, Raub District, Pahang State, Malaysia. You can see the gardens where local vegetables are organically grown and used in the meals cooked for you here. Under the forest canopy is a rich world of surprises. There are diverse beautiful plants, native wildflowers with exotic scents, lots of multi-hued dragonflies, butterflies, and other insects. The sound of the water is always with you, always calming. A place that is so easy to come to, to be at, and to fall back in love — with nature, yourself, and others in your life.

Refined by nature at Raub

Instantly relaxes you and make you feel immensely

grateful for this beautiful planet we get to call home.

New Adventures at Fahad

Bringing adventures, fun and family time to life

Once at Tanah Aina Fahad you will likely start to feel like a different person. You are bathed in beautiful natural sounds, the resort blends in subtly with the surrounding natural landscape, the air smells clean, the flowers sweet, the food is scrumptious, you forget about life at home or work, become calm, relaxed, and feel like there is no other place you need to be and nothing else that you need to do, except to take the journey of love back to nature.

Unique dinning experience

Experience the scene for a truly nature dining while

listening to the river flow from the distance.

Rooms at Fahad

Activities & Facilities at Fahad

Outstanding activities and fun time adventure

Whether you come for a celebration or corporate function of any size, a family retreat or reunion, or a quiet romantic getaway your experience at Tanah Aina Fahad. The various types of lodgings can comfortably accommodate up to a total of 120 people. The main meeting hall building houses a large ground floor open air meeting hall with stage, digital projector, and AV system adjacent to the multi-tiered dining decks overlooking the river, an adjacent glass walled private meeting or dining room seating 12-14 around a large table, an open upper level with a Surau, and large uncovered multipurpose space.

Awards & Accolades