Tanah Aina Fahad. Lata Jarum in Ulu Dong, Raub

Tanah Aina Fahad Resort is located not far downstream from the popular Lata Jarum waterfall on the Sungai Dong River in Ulu Dong, Raub District, Pahang State, Malaysia. Although Fahad is the furthest Tanah Aina resort from the city it is the most easily accessible, just 2.5 hours drive right to the car park — but a world away from the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur.

You are greeted on arrival by the sounds of the river flowing through the rainforest. As soon as you enter Tanah Aina Fahad one of the first features

you notice is an inviting fountain in the middle of a wading pool. You may want to get in it right away. It is immediately refreshing!

Tanah Aina Fahad is now little developed compared to the other Tanah Aina estates. It is a perfect place for large groups, businesses, families, and has romantic intimate spaces for couples too. Accommodations include Terrace Rooms, large, airy, screened, walk-in luxury King, Queen, and Single bed house tents, all set at the edge of the rainforest near the river. The beds and linens are comfy and there are lights, fans, electrical outlets, and other amenities. Outside are attractive grounds and well-appointed bathrooms nearby.

Tanah Aina Fahad has a number of unique features. The various types of lodgings can comfortably accommodate up to a total of 120 people. The main meeting hall building houses a large ground floor open air meeting hall with stage, digital projector, and AV system adjacent to the multi-tiered dining decks overlooking the river, an adjacent glass walled private meeting or dining room seating 12-14 around a large table, an open upper level with a Surau, and large uncovered multipurpose space. Distributed around the estate are several small open-air covered shelters, uncovered multilevel platforms, and gathering places perfect for smaller or more intimate get- togethers under the forest canopy or along the river. Walking through the tent camp area toward the dining decks, then descending stairs down the riverbank you can access trails near the river and cross a foot bridge spanning the river. Most of the way across there is a unique “sky” house.

These are perhaps the most iconic features at Tanah Aina Fahad, and

some of the most inviting spaces imaginable — to just sit and relax, or to read, talk, play a game, or just about anything you’d like to do.

Crossing over the bridge at Tanah Aina Fahad is like walking through midair across the river valley. You see the river, the rocks, trees, and plants in and around it — below your feet, downstream and upriver — and the tree canopy and sky above. Almost all the way across — as if in a dream — is an open-sided house structure that allows for wrap-around views and for the breeze to blow through, as well as comfortable furnishings, and even a hammock down below in the middle of the river — an idyllic space to do most anything: creative work or thinking, conversation, business, pleasure,

or nothing at all! This could easily become your favorite personal spot in the rainforest, day or night!

Under the forest canopy is a rich world of surprises. There are diverse beautiful plants, native wildflowers with exotic scents, lots of multi-hued dragonflies, butterflies, and other insects (non-irritating). Every so often a flash of color and song goes flying through the trees, a forest bird on the wing, or a harmless insect-eating bat at sunset. The sound of the water is always with you, always calming. All of these and many other things are unique and fascinating features of the rainforest. Tanah Aina Fahad is a place in which you are deeply and richly immersed in the forest, a place that is so easy to come to, to be at, and to fall back in love — with nature, yourself, and others in your life.

Walking around Tanah Aina Fahad you see the gardens where local vegetables are organically grown and used in the meals cooked for you here. While walking through the forest you may not notice at first glance, but as your senses tune-in, there are many types of natural foods growing in the forest: chestnuts, seeds, mushrooms, herbs, plants whose leaves make delicious tea, honey made by stingless bees coming in and out of their hives in various trees, harvesting nectar from the many types of flowers around. Not only does each species of bee make a different tasting honey, but the trees where the hives are found also add different, unique flavors to the honey as well. In addition, many other rainforest plants are useful as foods or medicines, including some tree bark, vines, mushrooms, and lichens, used not only by indigenous local peoples for traditional cures, but also are compounded or synthesized for a variety of other modern medicines to treat headaches, cancer, and many other medical conditions. You can take a guided walk with experienced staff through and under the rainforest canopy to help awaken your senses, learn, and observe more similar wonders.

Walking upstream, all of a sudden there’s a branch of the river that flows off and disappears underground. Listening, a ways off you hear, but can’t see water. Following the sound, the water comes out of the ground at some distance. It’s from the same river, but flowing as groundwater, it is naturally filtered to make pure, clear, cool water that you can drink from the source.

There are many places up and down the river that you can go into — quiet pools, shallow and warm or slightly deeper and cooler, small waterfalls that make for gentle or stronger natural jacuzzis. You can walk or hop along on different size rocks, or lay on large, flat rocks that absorb the heat from the sun, all while watching and listening to the river flow by, now and then see a fish swim by, the plants stirred by gentle breezes, and the occasional sounds of birdsong, insects chirping or monkeys chattering in the distance. Closer to some waterfalls, water cascading over the rocks sounds almost like little bells ringing. There is a rich environmental soundscape that changes during the day and into the night, so there’s always natural music playing in the background as a soundtrack to your experience in the rainforest and along the river.

Once at Tanah Aina Fahad you will likely start to feel like a different person. You are bathed in beautiful natural sounds, the resort blends in subtly with the surrounding natural landscape, the air smells clean, the flowers sweet, the food is scrumptious, you forget about life at home or work, become calm, relaxed, and feel like there is no other place you need to be and nothing else that you need to do, except to take the journey of love back to nature.

Because Tanah Aina Fahad is, indeed, a journey of love back to nature!

It is very hard to imagine when you leave home what you will experience once you arrive at Tanah Aina Fahad. There is no person that can leave this place without being transformed in some very positive way(s).

Whether you come for a celebration or corporate function of any size, a family retreat or reunion, or a quiet romantic getaway your experience at Tanah Aina Fahad, deep in nature, will provide fond memories for a lifetime

NO outside food is allowed in the tents, kitchen appliances are NEITHER PROVIDED NOR ALLOWED.

Address: Tanah Aina Fahad – Lot 1053, Mukim Ulu Dong, Raub, Pahang

Terms & Conditions Fahad/ Exploration Package 3D2N – Family & Company  NO GST tax:

Prices include outdoor activities (guided jungle trekking , fountain game –Optional-weather dependent).


Once the full payment is made to Tanah Aina  Management Sdn Bhd, the booking is confirmed and a booking number will be given. The booking cannot be cancelled and payments made are non refundable. Confirmation will be sent through e-mail upon successful payment.


After a booking number has been issued, any changes are subjected to the following terms:

1)           No changes is allowed within 14 days prior to the arrival date or booking date.

2)           If there are any changes to the booking, the changes are not confirmed until a new e-mail with revised quotation is issued by Tanah Aina Management Sdn Bhd.

3)           Re-scheduling of any booking date must be done 2 months prior to the date of arrival.

4)           The re-scheduled date of booking must be within a 4 months from the date of actual booking and is subjected to a re-scheduling fee of 30% the invoice amount.

5)           Re-scheduling for a period of more than 4 months from the actual booking date shall be deemed as CANCELLATION and the terms under Cancellation Clause shall apply.


1) Upon booking, 50% of the total payment of the invoice must be paid in advance for the booking process as we practice a first come first serve basis.

2)The balance of 50% of the total payment must be settled within 7 days before arrival. We shall notify the client about the payment through email or sms and upon any failure to settle the remaining payment within this period, we reserve the right to treat the booking as cancelled and the 50% deposit monies paid shall be forfeited.

3)Payment shall be made in Ringgit Malaysia. It can be made by cheque, money order, bank transfer to Tanah Aina Management Sdn Bhd under CIMB Account – 8001928131.  Please also fax a copy of your bank slip to 03-55111669 or email to booking@tanahaina.com.
4)Walk-in customers are welcomed subject to availability of rooms. In such case, payments shall only be made by cash.

5)Our resort practices a no refund policy.


1) For bookings made per pax, any cancellations made within 7 days before date of arrival, 50% of the total invoice per pax will be charged as cancellation fees.

2) If cancellation is made less than 7 days prior to arrival day, including no show, 100% cancellation fees will be charged.

3) For bookings made per room, any cancellations made within 7 days before date of arrival, 50% of the total invoice per room will be charged as cancellation fees and no refund or compensation will be made in such circumstances.

4) Rescheduling of bookings for more than 4 months from the date of actual booked date, will be treated as cancellation and shall be subjected to 100% cancellation fees and all deposit shall be forfeited.



RM110/person day trip including lunch & evening tea

Fahad New Layout



RAUB 22 SEPTEMBER 2014 - Liputan sekitar Tanah Aina Fahad di sini, hari ini. Gambar: Abdul Razak Latif / Pemberita: Hafiz (Rencana Kosmo).

22 standard  tents available (max 5 person in a tent)

WEEKDAYS (Mon-Thurs) RM250/adult, RM230/child (2-10 years old)
WEEKENDS (Fri -Sun & PH) RM270/adult, RM250/child (2-10 years old)

*Rates include 4 buffet meals per day, plus complimentary guided trekking
*Requests for any additional meals will come at an extra cost

TERRACE ROOMS (Ambra,Belimbing & Ciku)


(1King size bed) – 3 units; min 2pax & can add 1 additional extra bed (Max 3pax per room) for 2D1N :

Promotion Price RM290 per person (Adult/Child)

Additional extra bed @ RM235 per person (Adult/Child)

*Rates include 4 buffet meals per day, plus complimentary guided trekking    *Request for any additional meals will come at an extra cost

Toiletries Fahad

A set of complimentary toiletries will be provided in each Terrace rooms.



6 queen size tents available (min 2 person + can add  1 extra single bed) Max 18 person with 1 additional bed for each tent.

WEEKDAYS (Mon-Thurs) RM270/adult, RM250/child (2-10 years old), RM220 per additional bed
WEEKENDS (Fri -Sun & PH) RM290/adult, RM270/child (2-10 years old, RM236 per additional bed

*Rates include 4 buffet meals per day, plus complimentary guided trekking
*Requests for any additional meals will come at an extra cost



(3Double decker beds)– ( Max 6person) for 2D1N:.

Promotion Price RM290 per person (Adult/Child)

*Rates include 4 buffet meals per day, plus complimentary guided trekking   *Request for any additional meals will come at an extra cost

Toiletries Fahad

A set of complimentary toiletries will be provided in each Terrace rooms.


DSC_7279 (2)

3 king size tents available (min 2 person & can add 1 extra single bed) Max 9 person with 1 additional bed for each tent.

WEEKDAYS (Mon-Thurs) RM310/adult, RM290/child (2-10 years old), RM250 per additional bed
WEEKENDS (Fri -Sun & PH) RM330/adult, RM310/child (2-10 years old, RM266 per additional bed

*Rates include 4 buffet meals per day, plus complimentary guided trekking
*Requests for any additional meals will come at an extra cost

OptionalActivities & Facilities

We are committed to offer you outstanding outdoor activities to suit your corporate requirements:


hiking trail

  • FREE
  • Guided jungle trekking
  • 9.30am or 2.30pm weather dependant



Splash around and waddle in our pool, equipped with a water fountain for added fun. Suitable for smaller kids and toddlers with parental guidance.



Gather your friends and family and pit against each other in a supersized version of Chess or Snakes and Ladders.


  • A game in which players on one team seek to eliminate those on an opposing team by marking them with a water-soluble dye shot in capsules from air guns.
  • RM150 per person (250 pallets), RM180 per person (500 pallets) & RM230 per person (1000 pallets)
  • Minimum 10 people


  • Participants will be given ingredients and tools to cook up the dishes. Use own creativity to come up with the most creative and tasty dishes.
  • RM70 per person
  • Minimum 25 people
  • Duration 1.5-2 hours



Tanah Aina is equipped with in-house certified training facilitators. To request for our proposal, kindly email booking@tanahaina.com and our friendly sales executive will be available with prompt reply.

RM200/pax 2d1n : RM300/person 3d2n : minimun 30 person per session.